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What are the Side Effects of Using Teeth Whitening Products with Hydrogen Peroxide?

Whitening teeth has become the new norm in today’s era. Going to the dentist to get a professional tooth bleaching can be time-consuming and expensive. Most professional teeth whitenings can reach the thousands in cost and most insurance plans won’t cover the cost to whiten your teeth. Since whitening your teeth isn’t typically a health concern, your insurance is going to do its best to find a way not to pay for it. This leaves many people to look for home remedies or more affordable teeth whitening treatments.

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However, in order to whiten teeth you usually need to use a good amount of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Thankfully, our technology is advancing everyday allowing us to create more innovative and important discoveries. Whitening your teeth has been made easier because of the invention of whitening toothpastes, whitening strips and whitening foams. Using hydrogen peroxide can be beneficial for bleaching your stains away, but it’s important to know what it is and what it does to your body.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is the combination of the elements known as hydrogen and oxygen. In its true form it is a colorless liquid, resembling the look and shape of water. Were you to combine hydrogen peroxide and urea you’d get carbamide peroxide, which is another common component used in teeth whitening.

Both of the peroxides are used in household appliances, mainly to bleach surfaces or hair. Going to the hair salon you might’ve noticed them putting a pungent smelling liquid in your hair, lightening it’s shade. Within the liquid are hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide or both. When put in smaller, diluted doses they are able to whiten your teeth.

Hydrogen Peroxide in Teeth Whitening Tools

Hydrogen peroxide is used in all professional tooth bleaching sessions and almost all home teeth whitening kits. However, the amount varies between product and session. Professional teeth whitening done at the dentist has at least 25 percent of hydrogen peroxide and can contain up to or around 40 percent of hydrogen peroxide, which is why a whitening at the dentist will give you an incredibly bright, white smile.

The European Union forbids the selling of any products with a hydrogen peroxide count higher than 0.1 percent over-the-counter because of the complications surrounding hydrogen peroxide. Meanwhile, in the United States of America, the regulations pertaining to the amount of hydrogen peroxide used in whitening products is looser. This is why most whitening toothpastes have somewhere between 0.1 percent to 10 percent of hydrogen peroxide.

The Side Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide in Teeth Whitening

Hydrogen peroxide can have a varying amount of side effects on the human body. Ingested in single doses it can put an adult male into a slight coma, however, the amount you accidentally swallow is typically miniscule. Normally, your body would consume 0.48 grams a day of toothpaste a day and if there was 0.1 percent of hydrogen peroxide in it, you’d have swallowed 0.48 grams of peroxide. Were you to use mouthwash, you’d swallow 3 g a day, which means you’d swallow 3 grams of peroxide were it to be 0.1 percent mouth rinse. None of this will do permanent or noticeable damage, though.

Recently, there have been studies showing enamel alterations, differing from slight erosion to increased porosity. This can be compared to the extreme demineralisation done by soda and fruit juices, although, it’s not nearly as apparent. However, the hydrogen peroxide won’t do damage to your dental pulp, but the surface is a different story. It can cause inflammation, which will be the reason you can’t eat cold foods or have hot drinks.

Should I Use Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Products?

Hydrogen peroxide might not be needed to whiten your teeth, though. Whitening foam, similar to the whitening tool InstaDazzle carries, usually don’t contain hydrogen peroxide. You won’t have to worry about the alterations done to your enamel, thus allowing you to keep a whiter smile longer. Since it’s recommended those with sensitive teeth avoid whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide because of the irritation caused, most are stuck with Halloween themed teeth. Now, people with sensitive teeth will be able to turn their sepia toned teeth into white, hard clouds.

People who smoke frequently should also avoid using whitening products with hydrogen peroxide. Recent studies have discussed the combination of damage frequent smoking and whitening products can do to your teeth. The constant toxicity swelling around in your mouth slowly degrades the quality of defense your teeth can uphold.

Finding the best strategy to whiten your teeth can be exhausting. However, the best teeth whitening product does exist for you. It’s important to look at all the ingredients listed in these products since your body might not be able to handle it. Having a conversation with your dentist is always a good strategy to take forward. They’ll point you in the direction you need to go and will take into account your needs.


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Thank you guys at InstaDazzle. I have been using this for only a few days and already I am getting compliments. This is so much better than the toxic stuff I have used in the past, which hurt my gums and made my teeth feel like they were on fire everytime I drank a glass of cold water. Plus I don’t have to use those stupid tray and gel systems anymore… do those lights even work? Again, thanks a bunch, love it.

Chris N. - South California


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