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How to Remove Stains From Your Teeth?

The yellowish tint on your teeth has progressively gotten worse as the years pass by. You’ve never paid too much attention to it, but you’ve been having trouble landing a job lately and general appearance and confidence are important. You have a job interview next week and you want to look your best, but don’t know where to start. You should first start to understand how stains appear and what you can do to stop them from appearing.

What Causes Teeth to Be Stained?

Your tooth is comprised of two parts, the enamel and the dentin. Firstly, the dentin is the inside of the tooth and hosts your nerves. Protecting this will ensure you won’t lose your teeth. The enamel is the outer layer, protecting the inside of your tooth from outside characters. Enamel is considered harder than bone, which is what makes this form of defense so powerful. But, when it comes time to eat the bacteria and leftovers cling to your enamel.

Most people believe teeth to be flat and solid like a door, but teeth actually contain little pits, which allow pigments to grab onto. This is one of the main reasons your teeth stain. Unfortunately, there are a variety of stains your teeth could deal with.

What Types of Stains Are on Your Teeth?

Stains can occur for multiple reasons, whether it’s genetic or environmental depends on you though. There are two categories of stains dentists follow:

  • Extrinsic Stains
  • Intrinsic Stains

Extrinsic stains are the most popular stains around, because of how easy it is to acquire them. These stains sit on your teeth because of the food or drink you consume. Known perpetrators of stains are coffee, tea, soda and wine. The high chromogens in these drinks combined with the tannins allow easy access to your enamel pits.

However, people tend to forget acidity is another big contributor to stained teeth. White wine, lemon juice, tomato juice and apple cider vinegar’s acidity content is so high it starts to corrode your enamel. The corrosion makes it easier for foods and drinks to climb onto your teeth. Don’t just start whitening your teeth because you’ve noticed stains, though.

Sometimes the stains appearing on your teeth can be a sign of tooth decay. Teeth with sporadic white splotches or dark splashes is a sign your tooth is dying and needs attention from a dentist. The whitening will fix the stains, but it can also worsen them with the chemicals involved.

Intrinsic stains are different in that teeth whitening is not usually recommended for remedying these problems. Typically, these stains are created from trauma done to your teeth as a child, a medication you are taking or it might just be in your DNA. Thankfully, there are methods you can do to fix these stains.

Look at the medication you are taking, if it’s the tetracycline antibiotic then you should probably stop taking them. They have been known to cause tooth staining, and if you’re pregnant this can leak into your baby’s teeth. Stopping the medication will slowly revert your teeth back to normal, but included with some home teeth whitening products will speed up the process. These products can also help age related staining, but you must be careful about what type of whitening you do.

Common Teeth Whitening Methods

When choosing a teeth whitening method for you to follow it’s important to know the process involved. A professional tooth bleaching is the most effective strategy of all the teeth whitening methods. Using up to 40 percent of hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten your teeth it’ll lighten it up to four to six shades. However, professional teeth whitenings do come with its own drawbacks.

If you want to spontaneously get your teeth bleached after work, then this isn’t the right process for you. A teeth whitening from the dentist is a lengthy process requiring several appointments. This route also costs hundreds to thousands of dollars to do, which is an understandable deterrent for many Americans. Whitening toothpastes and whitening strips are the more affordable options then.

Whitening toothpastes are ready at almost any store you can buy toothpaste at and cost around 15 dollars to buy. Whitening strips can cost as low as 20 dollars too. However, all of these formerly mentioned products need to use peroxide, either hydrogen or carbamide, to whiten your teeth. Peroxide has been found to wear down your enamel, which will make it easier for staining agents to hug your teeth. It can also intensify any sensitivity you are feeling and make it permanent.

Whitening foam on the other hand from InstaDazzle, doesn’t contain any peroxide and can lighten your teeth a couple shades. It will also cost a fourth of a professional teeth whitening session. Now, people with veneers and sensitive teeth can brighten their teeth after years of drinking those two cups of wine every day. Don’t go to your interview worrying about how you look, make people be impressed with it.


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