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How Much Does it Cost to Whiten My Teeth?

Looking in the mirror you’re reminded of the days movies were silent and illustrated a sepia tone over the screen. No longer do you wish to be reminded of Alfred Hitchcock every time you look in the mirror trying to establish an outfit for your date. Thankfully, there is an array of teeth whitening products for you to choose from. Picking a teeth whitening treatment perfect for you can be difficult and costly at times. However, the best teeth whitening kit is out there for you, you just need to know where to look.

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One of the first attributes you need to identify is whether or not your stains are extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic stains come from your lifestyle and environment. Smoking tobacco, drinking coffee, soda, tea or wine, and even foods with strong colors; such as curry or beets, are prime examples of food and drinks able to stain your teeth extrinsically. These are easier to erase from your teeth, but intrinsic stains are a different story.

These stains are deeper in your teeth, specifically your dentin, and require more treatment and professional help. During these stains you’ll want to use a product with bleach, instead of a whitening product. “Whitening” and “bleaching” are used interchangeably when it comes to teeth whitening. Technically, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies bleaching as the process of using the chemical bleach—hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Teeth whitening on the other hand only destroys the debris sitting on your teeth, without the use of bleach.

Tooth bleaching is a more thorough cleaning, however, it isn’t recommended for everyone. A professional teeth whitening will get you the results you desire, although, it does come with its own drawbacks.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

When it comes to whitening your teeth there’s no one better than a professional dentist. At a professional dental whitening office they will be able to consult with you the best course of action to take. While there, they will look at the severity of your teeth, how long you’ll need to stick to their plan and they’ll even whiten your teeth for you.

At the dentist they’ll give you a variety of options to do to whiten or bleach your teeth. There’s the classic laser whitening; they’ll have you put on these customized trays with a gel in them. The gel will coat your teeth in peroxide or bleach for about fifteen minutes, then they’ll use a laser to drive the whitening chemicals into your teeth, fighting the stains left behind. Depending on how stained your teeth, you can be there from 30 minutes to two hours.

Unfortunately, professional teeth whitening done at the dentist will always cost more than 300 dollars, some even reaching into the thousands. You are also, more than likely, to experience teeth sensitivity to the point where it’s uncomfortable. This is why those with teeth sensitivity aren’t typically able to do professional teeth whitening at the office. However, home teeth whitening kits still exist and are even more prominent than the past two decades.

Home Teeth Whitening

Compared to a professional tooth bleaching at a dentist, home teeth whitening kits are substantially more affordable. Ranging from 10 dollars to 100 dollars it can be difficult to choose which whitener is best for you. Whitening toothpastes, whitening strips and whitening foams are the most common choices for people when it comes to home teeth whitening procedures.

Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpastes are probably the most common form of whitening your teeth. Almost all contain fluoride, which is a chemical used in most dentists to clean and whiten your teeth. Whitening toothpaste has had dozens of positive reviews saying the treatment worked. However, included with the fluoride is peroxide, which is harmful to those with sensitive teeth and gum problems.

Since a lot of whitening toothpaste contains fluoride, you will be more prone to dental fluorosis, an intrinsic stain. This will require a more professional and thorough cleaning to erase the stain. Nonetheless, whitening toothpaste comes at incredibly affordable prices, ranging from five to 30 dollars. Whitening toothpaste has only been found to work for two to six weeks, meaning you have to continuously use the paste.

Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are seen as the most effective form of home teeth whitening. All contain traces of peroxide, but only enough to whiten your teeth. Not all whitening strips cause pain to those with teeth sensitivity. However, these strips are not custom made, like the ones a professional dentist can give you. Since they aren’t custom made, they’ll fit to whatever your mouth is, even if it doesn’t fit properly.

The peroxide and chemicals in the strips are harmful to exposed skin, such as your gums, which is one drawback of buying whitening strips at the store. Those who’ve used whitening strips have reported problems with gum recession and enamel erosion. This erosion makes it easier for your teeth to stain and even catch bacteria. Although, whitening strips can vary in price; 20 dollars to 50 dollars.

Whitening Foam

Whitening foam is the newest form of altering your yellowish stained teeth. However, there aren’t any reputable complaints, which makes this type of whitening the safest so far. Using a two-step process to achieve maximum effectiveness, compared to whitening strips and whitening toothpastes one-step process. First, you’ll brush your teeth with the cleaner, then you’ll use the whitener to acquire those pearly white.

With no peroxide in the foam those with sensitive teeth can finally forget about the blotches on their teeth. Costing 40 dollars, you’re given an effective and quick product for an affordable price. Don’t go to your first business presentation matching the carpeting, go inside with a smile shouting you will succeed.


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WOW, It really works!

Thank you guys at InstaDazzle. I have been using this for only a few days and already I am getting compliments. This is so much better than the toxic stuff I have used in the past, which hurt my gums and made my teeth feel like they were on fire everytime I drank a glass of cold water. Plus I don’t have to use those stupid tray and gel systems anymore… do those lights even work? Again, thanks a bunch, love it.

Chris N. - South California


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