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What Is the Fastest Way to Whiten Teeth?

Looking in the mirror you see your teeth and you’re reminded to get a costume for Halloween. After years of drinking coffee and soda, it’s finally caught up to you and you can see a discoloration in your teeth. Keeping your pearly whites since childhood is nearly impossible as diet isn’t the only cause for your teeth changing colors. Time is a fickle being without any worry about others.

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Over time your teeth will change to your teeth’s natural color, which is reddish hue. However, it doesn’t have to completely revert to your original color, you can still keep radiating white teeth. Before you can keep those teeth, you first need to whiten them to the shade you want. Whitening teeth is a easy process and can take at most an hour to do. Although, the type of teeth whitening you do can decides how long it’ll take. Before you can know how long it takes to whiten your teeth you have to understand the whitening process.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Your teeth is comprised of an inner layer—dentin—and the outer layer—enamel. The enamel helps protect your teeth from bacteria, and in turn staining. Years of drinking coffee or wine, or eating curry and BBQ, piles up and the pellicle film that formed over the enamel, has started to seep into the tooth. Normally, a dentist can scrape this away with routine cleanings or you can brush it away with a toothbrush, but years of bacteria is harder to deal with.

This is where whitening strategies come into play, specifically bleaching products. Creating an oxidation reaction, the hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide breaks down the bacteria so it’s easier to be carried away. From there, it lightens your teeth to a brighter shade of white.

The Professional Teeth Whitening Process

Professional teeth whitenings at the dentist use the most amount of peroxide, but you also get the supervision of a dentist to help you out. Most dentists will use gels with 15 percent to 35 percent of hydrogen peroxide, allowing you to go up two to six shades. However, they’ll also be able to give patients a gel with 10 to 20 percent of hydrogen peroxide. You’ll put the gel in a customized tray—given to you by the dentist—which will sit in your mouth while you sleep.

Combining an in-office and at-home whitening methods can brighten your teeth up to 15 shades. Unfortunately, professional teeth whitening can cost thousands of dollars and requires several appointments before you can accomplish your goal. You also have to be extremely cautious afterwards; since you will feel sensitivity, hot and cold foods will be out of reach for awhile. You’ll also have to avoid certain foods to maintain the brightness.

How Long Does a Professional Teeth Whitening Take?

Professional teeth whitenings usually take an hour or two to finish bleaching your teeth. However, included with the several appointments before you even whiten them, there’s also the need to do it again. Since peroxide destroys enamel, your teeth will be more vulnerable to take in bacteria and stains. Thus, you’ll need to repeat the process again, sooner or later.

Using Whitening Toothpastes and Whitening Strips for Your Teeth

Whitening toothpastes and whitening strips are the other common forms of bleaching your teeth. Since these products are available in any store you’ll be able to start the whitening process right away. However, there have been reports of whitening toothpaste not containing enough peroxide to erase stains, but enough peroxide to do damage to your enamel and gums. Whitening toothpastes may be the most accessible, but the whitening might not even occur, and if it does, it’ll take longer than you’d desire.

Whitening strips seem like the next best solution for at-home teeth whitening. The strips do contain a higher amount of peroxide, which allow it to attack stains more effectively. Unfortunately, whitening strips aren’t custom made to your teeth. This allows the strips to seep into your gums, increasing your chances of gum disease. In turn, this can cause irredeemable damage to your teeth, such as permanent stains.

Using Whitening Foam to Whiten Your Teeth

Whitening foam is the newest invention with the ability to whiten your teeth. The best part about whitening foam is the lack of peroxide in its ingredients. Since there is no peroxide in it, your enamel won’t slowly corrode away nor will your gums develop a disease.

Incorporating this foam in your routine of brushing twice, daily, will be easy since you can treat it exactly like your regular toothpaste. The foam will be able to whiten your teeth within 30 days as well. Thankfully, using whitening foam will not only whiten your teeth, but also strengthen them. Using a two-step process to clean and whiten them, you will be given the best strategy for teeth whitening. Although, consulting with your dentist about what is the best way to whiten your teeth is even more helpful.


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Thank you guys at InstaDazzle. I have been using this for only a few days and already I am getting compliments. This is so much better than the toxic stuff I have used in the past, which hurt my gums and made my teeth feel like they were on fire everytime I drank a glass of cold water. Plus I don’t have to use those stupid tray and gel systems anymore… do those lights even work? Again, thanks a bunch, love it.

Chris N. - South California


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