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How to Handle and Avoid Coffee Stained Teeth

Waking up in the morning, you immediately throw your sheets off of you, skip to the kitchen and make a pot of delicious hot brew. Alternatively, you might just wake up, open your kitchen and pull out your tantalizing cold brew. As soon as you take your first gulp, you feel the warmth through your body and energizing your brain. However, when you go to the mirror you’ve noticed your teeth have gotten yellow over the past months.

Every cup of coffee you drink slowly discolors your teeth. Coffee is one of many types of food and drinks with the ability to turn your pearly whites to post-it yellow. It’s time to take note of this revelation and understand why it’s happening and how to fix it.

Why Does Coffee Stain Teeth?

Drinks like coffee, tea, wine and soda are key figures in the staining of teeth for many people. Within coffee, tea and wine is a natural chemical called tannin. These chemicals coat your teeth and cling onto your enamel. Your enamel isn’t as smooth as it seems, they’re actually surrounded in little pits. These pits act as caves for these tiny pigments to survive in. Once inside, the pigments slowly start to stain your teeth; without proper rinsing or brushing they can create a lasting stain. Although, there are companies out there trying to erase this process altogether.

Clear Coffee

Two brothers in London, England, created a coffee company called “CLR CFF” without the power to stain your teeth. Both brothers are heavy coffee drinkers but wanted to drink the beverage without the need to consistently whiten their teeth. They created a physical process, instead of anything chemical, to achieve the perfect blend of coffee and cleanliness. The final product is a clear coffee resembling water in looks, but tastes like a cold brew. They’re avoidance of using sweeteners and added sugars, establishes a flavor similar to a cup of black coffee.

Avoiding the Staining While Drinking Coffee

Unfortunately, CLR CFF is dominantly sold in-store at the UK at the moment or you have to order it online from their website. This leaves most of the United States of America in the dark or incapable of acquiring this wonder coffee. Making most of America have to resort to other strategies to avoid stained teeth and cleaning their stained teeth.

There is the unpopular strategy of stopping the consumption of coffee, but this is impossible for most of America. Brushing and flossing twice everyday is one of the more popular strategies done, particularly because it’s normally done in everyday life. Drinking water as frequently as you drink coffee will also help swish the particles from your teeth. However, don’t take the whole day to drink your coffee. The longer you take to drink the coffee, the more time the pigments have to call your enamel their home.

Be aware of myths posing as factual strategies to avoid staining teeth. Using a straw and adding more milk won’t change the amount of tannin you consume. A straw may bypass your front layer of teeth, but not your back layer of teeth. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive way to avoid coffee stains, but you can fix them.

Removing Coffee Stains

Home teeth whitening kits have become more prevalent the past decade, since professional teeth whitening can cost as much as $500.00. Most home teeth whitening kits can range from $20 to $100, but deciding the perfect one for you can be difficult. There’s the classic whitening toothpaste you can use everyday to cancel out those stains. However, there’s been complaints of the toothpaste being too abrasive on their gums and teeth.

Whitening strips are seen as a more effective strategy than toothpaste since it reaches deeper into the tooth. Using low levels of peroxide, it’s able to do it’s work with little to know sensitivity pain. Although, these whitening strips also have problems with breaking down enamel. Whitening foam, on the other hand, doesn’t have complaints of damage done to their teeth and gums.

Companies like Insta Dazzle understand the importance of comfort, which is why this product doesn’t use any peroxide. Those with sensitive teeth can now whiten their coffee stained teeth, without the worry of pain overcoming them. Unlike the previous two, the whitening foam is a two-step process, but this is for maximum effectiveness. Effectively erasing the stains from your favorite drink is possible now more than ever; it’s time to put an end to the trend of yellow teeth.


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Thank you guys at InstaDazzle. I have been using this for only a few days and already I am getting compliments. This is so much better than the toxic stuff I have used in the past, which hurt my gums and made my teeth feel like they were on fire everytime I drank a glass of cold water. Plus I don’t have to use those stupid tray and gel systems anymore… do those lights even work? Again, thanks a bunch, love it.

Chris N. - South California


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