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Your Whiter Teeth Will Make You Want to Smile More

Your Whiter Teeth Will Make You Want to Smile More

Your day always begins in the same manner. You look in the mirror and see your yellowed, dingy looking teeth. Right away, your mood darkens. What ever reason you might have to smile is now tempered by the fear that if you do smile, people will see your dingy teeth. What a lousy way to begin the day.

Many people deal with the same scenario everyday. What makes it worse is that others seem afraid to smile when they’re around you. That makes you feel even worse, because you’re really a happy, good-natured person. Unfortunately, your teeth have made you reluctant to smile. Is it really possible that your fear of smiling, because of your teeth, is causing you to feel worse than you should?

According to scientific studies, there is a direct correlation between smiling and achieving a higher overall level of happiness. Here are some of the reasons. 

Your stress levels are reduced by smiling

Many studies have come to the conclusion that stress levels are reduced simply by smiling. Even when you are in a stress causing situation, a smile can help you feel better. When you feel better, you’ll be able to focus more on solving the problem too! A win-win!

Smiling promotes positive moods 

Not only will a smile help reduce your stress level, it releases mood-enhancing hormones. Stress-enhancing hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and dopamine are replaced by mood-enhancers like endorphin. Another benefit is that a lower stress level results in reduced blood pressure.

You’ll feel less pain by smiling

Could it be possible that you can feel less pain simply by smiling? According to research published in the Journal of Pain, the answer is yes. The study concluded that, among the participants, “Those who exhibited negative expressions reported being in more pain.”

In a separate study, researchers discovered a direct correlation between people with Botox injections, and those without. Those with Botox injections found that making a “frowning face” was difficult. As a result, those people were found to be a happier, less anxious group.

Now that we’ve covered a few of the positive biological effects relating to smiling, let’s look at some of the ways that a smile can affect those around you.

Make a happier first impression

Wearing a smile on your face is an important step in making a good first impression. Your smile says that you are a happy, positive person.

Think about the people around you. Is it easier to approach a person wearing a smile, or someone whose face is constantly wearing a sad, angry, frowning face? A smiling face is a more attractive one. Attraction can be defined in many ways, but a person’s attractiveness is enhanced, whether they are happy or not, when their face is smiling. The same goes with yours. Wear a smile, and other people will find you more attractive, and more approachable. 

When you smile, the world is a better place

Yes, we all have those days when putting a smile on our face seems like an impossibility. But guess what, all it takes is that one person to come along who’s wearing a smile, and then you smile because they’re smiling, and life seems better.

Your smile can be such a light to others as well. You see unhappy people many times through a day. What if, instead of looking away, you gave them a friendly, open, smile? Not only will you make their day better, but seeing that you’ve made someone else happy makes you happier too!

Healthier, more genuine relationships

Happiness is such a basic human emotion. A smile is a signal, sometimes from a complete stranger, that they like you and want to be friends. Naturally, when someone genuinely likes you, you will like them.

A smile can be a good indicator of friendship, when someone you’re talking to smiles as they listen to what you’re saying. It gives you the feeling that they are interested and enthusiastic about what you’re saying and want to hear more.

You’re probably thinking, “All this talk about the benefits of smiling are great, but I’m still afraid to smile because of my teeth. How do I make them more attractive?” Here’s a way to have more attractive teeth and, as a result, smile more.


You’ve tried so many different methods in an attempt to return your teeth to their bright, white, natural state. Some of those methods were painful, expensive, or ineffective. Some were outright dangerous. It’s time to try InstaDazzle.

Designed by leading dental professionals, InstaDazzle is a 2-step whitening system. You can brighten and whiten your smile without having to use whitening pastes, strips, or sloppy trays and gels.

  • InstaDazzle is peroxide-free and will cause no sensitivity, peroxide-based whiteners.
  • 200% more powerful than other whitening pastes.
  • Clinically proven to brighten your teeth up to 8 shades brighter in only four weeks
  • Simple to use
  • Removes and prevents stains associated with coffee, tea, and wine.

You want to feel good about your teeth. When you take that first look in the morning mirror, you want to see bright, white, teeth shining back at you, right? When you can begin your day on such a positive note, your smile can create a positive effect, not only for you, but for those around you. If you’re ready to finally be that happy, positive, person, who’s not afraid to smile, contact us today!

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