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Strike a Pose: The Best Body Positions That Make Your Photos Great!

Strike a Pose: The Best Body Positions That Make Your Photos Great!

Sick of taking a thousand selfies on your phone only to come out with one that you like enough to make your profile picture? Tired of being tagged in unflattering photos on Facebook? It turns out that how flattering you look in photos all comes down to simply how you angle and adjust different parts of your body. Read below to discover the best ways to position your body so that you can take great pictures like the top models and biggest celebrities.

  1. Angle Your Face

Unless you’re being snapped by a professional photographer to get your portrait done for your passport or driver’s license, avoid directly facing the camera with your head at all costs. Otherwise, the absence of shadows will distort your face, making it appear wider, larger, slightly discolored, and overall very unflattering. In order to look better in photos, try instead standing a little sideways and tilting your chin slightly upwards or slightly downwards. Also, be sure to look at something that is just slightly above your natural line of sight so as to avoid directly facing or looking into the camera.

  1. Cross Your Legs

If you are being shot by a photographer head-on, and it’s not for an official ID of some sort, and you’re standing up, then try crossing your legs, beginning at the calves. This will help make your hips look narrower and your legs longer, as well as looking casual and confident as opposed to awkward and forced. Otherwise, if you’re sitting down like on a couch, then cross your legs beginning at the ankles.

  1. Twist Your Body And Position Your Arms

This is the classic red carpet trick that you should definitely imitate in order to look great in photos. Just simply position your body at 45 degrees and put the arm closest to the camera on your hip. Then, just slightly plant one foot in front of the other, with your toe pointed to the camera, and place all of your weight on your back leg. The reason why so many models and celebrities, and you if you try it, look great with this pose is because it doesn’t appear as if your arm is flattened or enlarged when it is facing the camera and planted on your hip.

  1. Don’t Follow The Crowd

The key to doing a group photo is to not all look the same but instead to all strike different poses. Everyone has different heights and body shapes, so imitating your friends and matching poses looks awkward. A great night out with your friends deserves great photos, so instead, stand comfortably and strike a pose that works best for you.

  1. Learn How To Smile For The Camera

Believe it or not, smiling for the camera can be tricky, and learning how to smile in a way that’s flattering for you for the camera can take a lot of work. If you smile too big, you could look goofy or insane, while not smiling at all will make you look stiff, brooding, and generally not fun at all. Therefore, you should try to smile as naturally as possible, as if there is no camera pointed at you taking your photograph. Not only will you look more casual, confident, and comfortable with yourself, but the small and natural creases around your eyes will make you look neither stiff nor brooding but relaxed and genuinely happy. Altogether, that’s a great combination to look better in photos.

  1. Practice Good Posture

Posture is everything, especially when it comes to looking nicer in photos. Standing up straight can make a world of difference in your appearance. It will elongate you and give you an air of strength and confidence which work together to make you look more naturally appealing.

  1. Understand How Proportions Work

A basic rule of photography is that whatever is closest to the camera will appear larger, and understanding this will help you look better in photos. Angle and adjust your body in a way so that no parts of your body, like your arms for example, are closer to the body than all the other parts, thereby distorting your proportions and making you look more unflattering than you would have if you had understood this basic rule of proportions in photography.

And finally…

  1. Make A Silly Face!

The best way to look better in photos is to loosen up and have fun. The truth is that loosening up, having fun, and making silly faces or poses will make for more flattering photos than if you were striking a more serious and rigid pose a la the models in a fashion magazine spread. There will be less room for error if you aren’t trying so hard to look nice, and you will also look more confident, casual, natural, and altogether alluring.

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