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Improve Your Selfie Game: 5 Ways To Improve Your Photo Smiles

Improve Your Selfie Game: 5 Ways To Improve Your Photo Smiles

In a world focused on tweets, shares, and likes, our images and photos seem more significant than ever. As the father of a teenage daughter, I have witnessed first hand the time and energy required to produce the perfect selfie. I have spent up to 20 minutes at a time taking multiple pictures so the most amazing image could be selected. For those of us who know the value of these social media trademarks, here is a list of 5 ways to improve your selfie game and freshen up on your photo skills.

Whether you work your magic with makeup or a mobile app used to improve the quality of your picture, adding color will brighten up every smile. Color can be added to cover up blemishes, make acne disappear, and take away any signs of aging. This not only creates a difference in the appearance of your facial expressions, it can also create an effect on your surroundings. Brighter color always brings out positivity. Additional color can be used to delete shading and remove bland or boring dull areas. An energetic feel is created through color developing and adding vibrancy not only in the background and your settings, but also to your smile.

The posture you present yourself with will also have an effect on the appearance of your smile. Slouching will affect the view and angle of your face, hiding its true form from the camera. This can create the appearance of a double chin and other unwanted wrinkles in your check and upper neck area. Tricks like slightly turning your head or dropping your chin will help keep your face from being too square with the camera. Slouching or leaning backwards will also give a negative effect on your height, causing you to appear shorter than you naturally are. By maintaining good posture throughout the picture, you will also add depth to your other features, resulting in a healthier and brighter looking smile.

A picture does not lie, if you are trying too hard to be something you are not, it is going to show. Don’t put too much effort into trying to force the issue. If you are somewhere you don’t want to be or around people you wish were not there, you have one of two options. Either use your imagination to change the mood by placing yourself at a happy moment from the past, or simply wait for another time and place to take your picture. A natural smile is always more attractive and appealing than one that is forced. The best selfies happen when you are being yourself, when the mood and your appearance are genuinely happy. The same rule applies when you have taken picture after picture and cannot find the one that fits just right. There is nothing wrong with wanting to capture the moment. However, if the moment has to be something you manufacture, the timing is obviously off.

The saying practice makes perfect also applies to your selfie game. A great smile doesn’t just happen. If you are willing to put effort into other goals and things that are important to you, why not spend some extra time in the mirror every day? This gives you the opportunity to see for yourself how your facial features react and respond to the expressions you are making. You will be able to see the angles provided by the way you tilt and hold your head and how they are affected by the lighting you are in. This will also give you a chance to learn the quickest technique to produce the smile you are looking for once you have found it. A few minutes while brushing your teeth or styling your hair every day, gives the perfect opportunity and reason to spend face time in the mirror.

There are several things you can do to change the appearance of your smile. Makeup, lighting, posture, and practice will all give you confidence in the way you look for any photo opportunity. The one element that is out of your control is the people and things going on around you. Before you start snapping shots, take a few seconds to glance around and see what is going on. What activities are others engaging in that might steal a spot in your background? What is going on with the scenery to be in your picture? Are you in a place that is littered with trash in need of a drastic makeover itself? You want the faces you are taking a picture of to be the main attraction regardless if it’s just you or your favorite group of friends. After all of the effort you have put into delivering the perfect smile, don’t let it be ruined by the environment surrounding you

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