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How To Protect Your Teeth From Wine Staining

How To Protect Your Teeth From Wine Staining

We all know red wine can stain your teeth, making them less pearly and white and more reddish-purple. Red wine can stain teeth more dramatically than coffee, which is saying a lot since coffee is notorious for staining teeth, and can be embarrassing, since it basically tells everyone that you’ve had one glass of wine too many, and will make you not want to smile. These are two things that nobody wants.

Why does red wine stain teeth? Most of it has to do with chromogen, or the chemical property that give red wine it’s intense red color. Wine is also very acidic, which means that on a microscopic level, it can dissolve the enamel surface of your teeth, making it more vulnerable to the wine’s red pigmentation. So the more red wine you drink, the more your teeth dissolve and the more likely they will be to change from a nice, clean, white color to a reddish-purple stained color.

If you love drinking wine but love having a pretty white smile, you might be thinking “no worries, I’ll just start drinking white wine from now on”. But red wine isn’t the only thing that can stain your teeth. White wine can too! You might be thinking, “how can white stain white?” While it’s true that white wine won’t necessarily turn your teeth another color by staining them, and that red wine is much more intense with its chromogen than white wine, white wine is still highly acidic and will dissolve the enamel on the surface of your teeth just as much as red wine can, which will make your teeth more susceptible to pigmentation stains from any other colored foods or drinks that you consume.

So how can you keep your smile bright and white without sacrificing your favorite drink? Instadazzle has found an interesting solution that actually replaces toothpaste. We have a perfect solution with its revolutionary, dentist-approved, and easy-to-use teeth whitening foam. Instadazzle’s Instafoam is an affordable 2-step professional teeth whitening system that is developed to clean, brighten, and whiten your smile without the need for pesky whitening pastes, annoying whitening strips, or messy trays and gels. Protect your teeth from wine stains, red or white, and give your teeth the high-quality and low-cost whitening treatment they deserve. Order Instafoam online now at

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