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7 Myths To Getting a Whiter Smile - #5 May Shock You...

7 Myths To Getting a Whiter Smile - #5 May Shock You...

Do you feel as though it's time to get your teeth whitened? Most of us want to get them whitened at some point or another.

Maybe it's because of stains on your teeth, or maybe it's because you just want a fresh, new look.

Here are seven myths about teeth whitening, and why you should ignore them. Don't listen to the crowd.

MYTH 1: "Whitening strips really work..."

Whitening strips are commercialized to make you think that they are just as good as professional whitening. This is completely false - don't fall for it. Whitening strips can actually damage your teeth and make them more sensitive than they already are. After using whitening strips, your teeth may be extremely sensitive to anything cold, and that's not good.

Whitening strips are a sales gimmick. They are really expensive, and don't work as well as they should.

MYTH 2: "It doesn't matter if your teeth are sensitive..."

    This is false, because it definitely matters if your teeth are sensitive. Sensitive teeth should be cared for differently than other teeth. You have to take care of them, and avoid using harsh chemicals. Teeth become more and more sensitive over time, depending on what products you use.

    MYTH 3: "Whitening toothpaste is a cost effective option..."

      Yes, it's very cheap compared to an in-office dental treatment and even trays and strips, but its effectiveness is limited to cleaning as opposed to whitening. 

      What's more, since they use abrasive ingredients, they can wear away at your enamel, or protective layer, that naturally forms over your teeth.  This can leave your teeth sensitive and possibly more prone to staining in the future.  

      It's acceptable to use whitening toothpaste on occasion, but don't leave it on your bathroom sink for everyday use.

      Sensitive teeth should be cared for
      differently than other teeth.

      MYTH 4: "Whitening gum really works..."

      Whitening gum is just another sales gimmick. It's not going to whiten your teeth like professional whitening can. Don't rely solely on whitening gum to get you the results you need.

      MYTH 5: "You can whiten your own teeth with baking soda..."

      This is a complete myth. Baking soda will not whiten your teeth and using it will only disrupt the ratio of good to bad bacteria in your mouth. In addition, baking soda can be so abrasive that it will actually remove layer after layer of your enamel - which by the way - never grows back. Other 'natural' ideas like this one may only do the same thing.

      If you have tried to use baking soda or other 'natural' elements and have wondered why they don't work, then that's why.

      MYTH 6: "Professional whitening gel and at-home whitening gel is the same thing..."

      There are many at-home kits that you can buy that claim they contain the same whitening gel that your dentist will give you. This is completely false. The gel your dentist uses would never be sold at a store. 

      Teeth whitening should be a daily
      process not an occasional quick fix.

      MYTH 7: "Once whitened, teeth will stay that white forever..."

      Whitening lasts a while, but not forever. You can expect your teeth to stay white for a pretty significant period of time, but you're going to need to get them whitened again especially if you drink wine or coffee.

      If you brush your teeth at least 2-3 times per day, you can slow the re-staining process down but ultimately - sorry - your teeth will re-stain over time.  

      If you're looking to keep your smile bright and white, consider replacing your toothpaste with a daily foam whitening system. You brush it on just like your old toothpaste.  It contains no harmful chemicals or peroxide - so there is no sensitivity and no damage to your teeth or gums. it’s called InstaDazzle and folks across the country have been raving about their results - check it out for yourself!



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