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3 Steps To a Better Smile

3 Steps To a Better Smile

A first impression only happens once. When a first impression is a live, in person event, appearances are everything. A major role in our appearance is our smile. The smile we present to the world around us gives a lot of detail about who we are. It is also one of our characteristics other people will use to make a judgement on the kind of person we are. Whether we like the fact or not, our smile is part of our identity and often, one of the parts that is noticed the most.

We put a lot of time and effort in several areas of our appearance. We spend money on trendy hair styles, clothes that are a part of the latest fashion statement, and wear the shoes named after superstars and worn by celebrities. If we are so eager to invest in these areas of our appearance, why isn’t the same effort put into the way we smile? Although a little effort and time may be required, it doesn’t cost a thing financially to create a brighter smile.

A big part of the smile shown through outside appearances, are the thoughts going on inside your mind. This may seem like nonsense or of no importance whatsoever, but what is going on inside can create an effect shown outside. Whether you have a career which requires a healthy smile, trying to create the perfect picture for summer memories, or just want to brighten things up by the way you look, your thoughts can be a determining factor.

There are times when a smile is needed, but our personal mood or the surroundings you are in do not want to cooperate. Using your mind to put you somewhere else can be the remedy. By simply going back and imagining a happy time or moment from the past can often provide the needed spark to create the perfect smile. Often our best attempts at a pretend smile can lead to wasted time and effort. By putting yourself at a more enjoyable time in your past, the smile becomes genuine and happens without any effort. This not only gives us a brighter glow, it often can lead to a positive effect on the others who are a part of the situation.

If you are not familiar with the look created by your individual facial expressions, in can be difficult to create the smile you are looking for. Every goal you set out to accomplish requires work. Practice is required to produce the outcome you are anticipating. If you are trying to become an improved athlete, you spend countless hours trying to master your particular sport. If you wish to become a better performer with a musical instrument, you spend time playing musical notes.

The same principle should be applied if your goal is to have a better smile. The only way to get better at something is by simply doing it. By spending a little time in front of the mirror each day, you will see how your smile takes shape with certain movements and gestures. By spending time in the mirror practicing, you will be prepared in any given situation. Knowing the muscles in your facial structure and how they respond with specific movements will add to your confidence when a perfect smile is needed. Brushing your teeth or styling your hair provides the perfect excuse and opportunity to spend a few extra minutes perfecting your smile.

Probably the most important step to being better at any task is being comfortable with what you are doing. If you sing or perform for a career, it would be difficult to give your best performance if you were not comfortable with singing. While there will always be some elements which will be out of your control, how you feel about yourself is manageable. The same rule applies to your smile. If you are not comfortable or satisfied with you, it will show in almost every aspect, including your smile. A lack of confidence and contentment will often lead to what is commonly known as a fake appearance. Just like the previous two steps, feeling comfortable with your smile is not going to just happen. It requires practice and sometimes, a lot of patience. Spending time practicing your smile in a mirror and imagining a happy moment or place in time will also add to your comfort level. They can both play a role in bringing ease and simplifying your surroundings and environment. Adding comfort to any task or situation makes for a more memorable and enjoyable experience.

A smile is both as simple and complex as our fingerprints. While everyone has the, no two are alike. Your smile is yours. Wear it the way that best fits you.

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