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The InstaDazzle 2-Step Foam Teeth Whitening Process will have you Smiling in Just Two Minutes

The InstaDazzle 2-Step Foam Teeth Whitening Process will have you Smiling in Just Two Minutes

Your smile is important. It is often the first aspect of yours that other people notice. Having a beautiful white smile can be the difference between meeting the right person and having him walk past without noticing you. It can be the difference between landing your dream job and having it go to someone else. We all know how important a smile is, and that’s part of the reason we take such good care of our teeth. But, sometimes, no matter how hard we try and what products we use, we just cannot get our teeth as sparkling white as we would like. That’s all about to change. InstaDazzle is a brand new product that will whiten your teeth perfectly. The two-step foam whitening system that was created by InstaDazzle takes the place of brushing and requires no extra time. Keep reading to see how it is done.

What is InstaDazzle InstaFoam?

InstaFoam is a clinically-proven foaming teeth whitening formula. It is designed to be used daily to whiten and brighten teeth.

How should I use InstaFoam?

Using InstaFoam is easy. Just put two pumps onto your dry toothbrush, and brush your teeth for one full minute. Spit, and then repeat the process with Step 2. There is no need to rinse your mouth out, and you should avoid eating for at least 15 minutes afterward. In just two minutes, your teeth will start getting noticeably whiter.

How often should InstaFoam be used?

InstaFoam works best when it is used on a daily basis. It should become part of your daily oral hygiene routine. The best results are achieved when InstaFoam is used once in the morning and once at night, just like traditional toothbrushing.

How do I know this product is safe?

Logically, you want to be certain that anything you put in your mouth is safe and non-toxic. With InstaDazzle, you have no need to worry. This product was designed and formulated by some of the best dental professionals in America. It is just as safe, if not safer, than some of the other toothpaste brands that have been on the market and in homes for many years.

Why is InstaDazzle better than other whitening products?

The process of whitening your teeth with InstaDazzle is as easy as brushing your teeth. Since you have been brushing your teeth for your entire life, there is no learning curve needed. The InstaDazzle two-step process also comes in two easy-to-store and easy-to-use cylinder canisters. It has also been clinically proven to make teeth up to eight shades brighter in no more than four weeks. Other products come in tubes of paste or gel that can be messy, strips that can be hard to use, or trays that simply clutter up the bathroom. It is far better to use a system that is user-friendly and keeps the bathroom neat and tidy. Plus, InstaDazzle has been proven to be 200% more powerful than other whitening products. So, it makes sense to choose the product that works best and has far more advantages. 

Other benefits of InstaDazzle:

If you are still not convinced that you need to try the InstaDazzle two-step foam whitening system, maybe these other benefits will help to sway you:

  • This process can eliminate all stains from your teeth, even though ones that result from coffee, tea, and red wine.
  • This product is 100% made in the United States
  • It is peroxide-free and does not cause tooth sensitivity
  • It is safe to use on veneers and will even help to clean them
  • It is able to pass strict import regulations for all countries, so it can ship to wherever you live outside the United States.

If you are ready to have a killer smile that is whiter and brighter than you could have ever imagined, then it is time for you to consider InstaDazzle. The two-step process takes no longer than traditional tooth brushing and is clinically-proven to work many times better than paste, gel, or strip whitening processes. InstaDazzle has many benefits and no liabilities. So, the time for a better smile is now. Contact InstaDazzle today to see how this fantastic two-step system can transform your smile and transform your life.

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